Get to know India International Dairy Expo sectors

Make the most of this opportunity

As India’s most important platform for suppliers to the dairy industry, India International Dairy Expo is an indispensable marketplace for you. Showcase your innovations and knowledge to the vast audience from food and drink industry including top decision-makers from across the Indian sub-continent.

  1. Milk and Milk Products
    • Liquid Milk
    • Yogurt, Curd, Lassi
    • Milk Powders
    • Cheese
    • Butter & Ghee
    • Ice-cream
    • Indian Traditional Milk Products
  2. Processing and Packaging Equipment
    • Raw Materials, Ingredients and Additives
    • Dairy Product Processing Production Lines
    • Packaging Equipment and Materials
    • Equipments and Accessories for Separation, Mixing, UHT, Fermentation, Sterilization
  3. Dairy Farming & Farm Equipment
    • Animal Housing
    • Milking Machines
    • Feeding Systems
    • Cattle Feeding Plants
    • Manure Treatment Systems
    • Feed, Fodder, Forage, Feed additives
    • By-pass Protein
    • Farm Coolers
  4. Veterinary
    • Medical & Biological
    • Medicines & Vaccines
    • Breeding Technology & Equipment
    • Semen Storage
  5. Cold Chain Management, Distribution and Logistics

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